Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I actually did some stitching today! I was bored sitting in the apartment alone, so I bundled up a couple of knitting projects and some needlework into my big tote bag and caught a bus into town so that I could go and sit in the cafe at John Lewis. The coffee there is good and the staff aren't as rude as Starbucks. Found a table in a quiet corner and took out my stitching (I'd taken "Rose" with me). It seemed that very quickly my quiet corner became to focus of every old dear in Edinburgh as lots of lovely ladies came up and commented on the work I was doing, how fine it was, how neat, how skillful I was. It gave me a real boost but the small talk was a bit wearing on my frazzled nerves and of course it slowed down how much work I was doing. Anyway, I have the face and one arm complete, the other arm is half finished and I need to finish a little bit of her back and her hair, at which point I can start on the motif at the top of the arch. It's been good to stitch I feel as though I have done something positive in comparison to all the failures I've faced in trying to get my life in order, particularly with work. I am seriously wondering if I'm going to be allowed back, particularly after I told my line manager that I didn't trust her. I don't think that she understood where I was coming from so I'll probably need to invite her for coffee or something and try to rationalise a very emotive issue.


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