Wednesday, July 19, 2006

That's another day wasted

If I carry on like this I won't have "Rose" by it's deadline. Of course, the overdoses and other suicide attempts are rather getting in the way of stitching, so it's not surprising that I'm already well behind on the targets for this month.

Must try harder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should know that I'm sure there are a lot of people out there worried about you. I've read your other blog and although I'm across the ocean, I've been really hoping you're ok. What scares me is that nearly dying is usually a wake-up call to those who feel suicidal...they realize they want things to get better, not that they want to die. You don't seem to feel that way.

4:12 pm  
Anonymous Bunny said...

It's not worth killing yourself over... been there tried that.
The best revenge is to live well (and if you are angry enough stay married to them and make their life hell for the next 60 years).

The real advice is this:
Decide whether you still want your marriage. Then take sometime away from everyone else either alone or together depending on your decision. It will take some of the pressure of public opinion off of you and give you a chance to rebond as a couple IF that is what you want.

It won't be easy to get over this but look at it this way... at least it wasn't a guy he was doing. (I don't know if you will see the humour in that but I eventually came round to seeing it as funny or at least ironic)

7:53 pm  

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