Thursday, August 31, 2006

Out of Hospital

I'm out of hospital but I'm still not back at work. It's giving me a chance to catch up with lots of stitching and knitting. Last night I went to meet up with the City Knitty crowd which was a really good night out and I did some knitting there because the City Cafe is too dark for stitching. I'm spending my afternoons in the Beanscene at Haymarket where I can stitch and watch the world go by in a really relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. With all the time I have to spend on stitching I'm catching on the schedule for the "Rose" cross stitch, but with all the aggravation, I am so far behind that there is no way it will be finished by the deadline. I hope my friend doesn't mind her birthday present being late.


Blogger Kathy said...

Hi Jan, Glad to hear your are on the mend and out of hospital hun.

I am sure your friend won't mind her pressie being late.

Hugs xxxxxx

11:20 am  

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