Monday, September 09, 2002

Sunday was a good day's stitching. I've still not completed the left wing, but I have completed a large section of the cape on the left side.

I keep promising myself that the next time I pick up the stitching I will complete the wing but there is always another bit that looks as though it needs to be done first. I know that I am just putting off the inevitable, and I will get it done some time soon.

I also keep thinking that I should make an attempt on some of the other pieces, but perhaps I should wait till I get bored with my angel.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Okay I confess I still haven't completed the other wing, but I have done a large chunk of it. I've also completed most of her face and hair. The incomplete bits will be finished off in beadwork, when I get around to doing that, which will probably be one of the last jobs I do and there is a long way to go yet before I'm at that stage.