Saturday, November 15, 2003

Well I'm stitching away. I have started four other projects. The first one is a small picture that I'm doing as a christmas present. It's at 18 count so is quite fine. One of my friends said it was a large picture masquerading as a small one. There were times when I though she was right. The second is an even smaller picture as the same count, so again it's actually a bigger project than it looks. That was finished and is waiting to be framed, again it was done as a gift for someone. The third project is a head of Buddah. This is a kit from a Thai company but after starting I found that some of the threads were missing so I am waiting to get replacement threads from the company before I do any more. Finally the fourth is a rather large piece of needlepoint done on 10 point canvas. The nice thing about this one is the way it builds up quite quickly and the fact that being larger makes it easier on my eye, so it makes a nice break from tiny cross stitching.